"On Air Together!" is a 2 years project which aims at developing a strategic partnership between 5 European high schools having different experiences and backgrouds. Literature, language, art, ICT, entrepreneurship and history teachers will work together with the secondary school students (15-19 y.o.) on creating an online radio platform which will broadcast news, reportages and music from partner schools, their regions and countries. Transnational Learning/Teaching/Training Activities were planned for student to develop their language skills, gain an international perspective, strengthen the motivation for learning and increase the awareness of similarities and diversity within the European community, as well as for teachers to exchange experience and expertise about how other EU countries introduce modern teaching approaches. Achieving those aims would not be possible without the transnational nature of the project. This project will allow the students to make their voice heard, which in turn will lead to empowerment and responsibility on the part of the students. They will engage with media production like never before since they will design and work on the radio programmes that later on will be broadcasted to their peers. Students will be given the opportunity to experience media production hands-on, thus turning from consumers into producers of media.

Module 1

• Project logo
• Online radio platform
• Analysis of the interview
• Analysis of the history of radio
• Rules of ethical journalism
• Conducting of interviews and podcasts

Module 2

• Analysis of news reports
• Writing and recording new reports
• Recording tutorials on interviews etc.
• Workshops on social media journalism
• Visiting the radio station

Module 3

• Analysis of the review
• Business plan for setting up a radio station
• Creating an Erasmus + European Hit List
• Conducting interviews with local musician
• Writing music review
• Recording tutorials on music journalism

Module 4

• Analysis of reportage
• Reportage on a current social issue
• Recording tutorials on reportage
• Creating video of the project
• Evaluation of the project
• Dissemination of the project

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Eminem - Venom
Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Promises
Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar

Photos from Zagreb

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Videos from Erasmus on YouTube

Croatia visit - Module 1

A project that didn‘t have much girls interested in our school but from our school from other countries yes. Even though I was the only girl with a teacher, I don‘t regret. The journey was calm, also funny. After the accommodation, the evening excursion and the acquaintance followed other day. The ethnographic museum was delighted to see their culture and traditions. In making heart, we could practice our creative skills, creativity and try our patience. The voice and diction workshop took a lot of interest me, and afternoon programs after lunch were fun.. I liked it very much on the radio and in Silver rehabilitation centre too. We could try what it was like to be blind and get closer to those with this disability. And what interested me in the project? I was attracted by the openness of people, their moods, feelings and reactions. The content of the program was interesting and perspective, sometimes tedious to me, but well-connected and well-designed. What brought it to me? I could practice English and try to speak fluently more than in English language. Memories and experiences will never go away. I'm glad I was in the project, although it was sometimes challenging. Don’t be afraid and go to different challenges are irreplaceable and time-limited moments of life. Thanks for you.

My work on module 1:

Hi! My name is Adéla. I and František had to do the task before we went to the trip to Zagreb. We made a presentation on the World Radio Day. We mainly wrote about history and how to celebrate World Radio Day.

When it was before we left, we really did not want to. In the plane was strong panic and stress. Surprisingly, we enjoyed the week with our hosts, humbling around the city, talking about the differences between school systems and comparing our languages. Among other things, there was a program in school that was the most important thing why we went there. Most of us would still be in Croatia, but unfortunately, on Saturday, the plane doesn´t go to the Czech Republic.

My work on module 1:

So, basically my work in module one was quite fun. As you maybe know from presentatin I love technology and stuff around. My quest was to create a website for Erasmus project and document our trip in Croatia. I just took my camera and I just took pictures, moments, interesting places and things, just everything to have nice memories. Work on website is also very interesting, because I can improve my programming skills a little bit. I think that my part was for me very good and I really enjoy wokr on it!

What did I like about the trip the most? Zagreb, the capital of the Croatia is for me considered, as the citizens say… Zagreb full of life. And it really was full of life. One of the greatest memories happened on Tuesday, we were walking in park, collecting flowers and climbing big metal structure. And after spending an hour on top with lot of photos, we went alone, without our hosts and we got completely lost in city, had some good encounters with strangers, ate delicious ice-cream and after we finally found the main square, it was time to leave home. I spend hour finding the way to get there. But it did not ended there. The Wednesday was to say interesting. We had lunch at fancy restaurant, a lot of walking in the city and some great time in cinema, although I lost my bag, my managed to had great time the next day. Not only because i found the backpack, but because we went to see the festival of light. After we went back downtown, the goodbye party began. Some of us had good time, some Croatia students had too much great time but it was great nevertheless. I really look forward to the next trip to Croatia, or some different country. The project really made us connected. Feel free to be ON AIR TOGETHER

My main task in the Erasmus project was to design a logo for our group. It was the perfect job for me, because I like to draw a lot. At first we couldn't decide on how will the logo look like but after a lot of duscusion i made a sketch that was liked by most of us. So we decided to made the logo inspired by the ON AIR information button in radio, because our project is based on a radio. The upper part was made by Peter. There was big mocrophone on top of the ON AIR nameplate, and in the background, was brick wall with graffiti of all countries in the project. Althouth we didnt won, we think that our is the best. I enjoyed my part in the project and I look forward to the next tasks.

Our school is not exactly known for their participation in projects like these, which is a damn. shame if you ask me, so when something like this actually comes around, for people on this school like me, more interested in traveling, languages, exploring the world and people in it more than tech itself, it should be worth their time and give them the most. So when 3rd grader of our school cab say, that it´s the best thing I´ve experienced in these almost last 3 years, you know it means something. From other students from foreign countries, across the content of the week in Croatia and tasks of the rest of the year at home, to our teachers approach and importance of this opportunity, I can say that Erasmus+ On Air Together was one of the best things I´ve had ever the pleasure to live through. I want to thank our school, teachers and all friends, old or new, that made this happen.

So let me tell you something about my Erasmus visit to Croatia. At first, I wasn’t really sure if I should join the project, but my friends convinced me and so I suddenly found myself standing on Zagreb’s main square, tired after a long exhausting journey. My host Leo picked me up in front of a hotel our teachers were staying in. We drove to his flat, where his kind and energetic grandmother greeted me with some warm tea. I unpacked my stuff and was ready to become a Croatian citizen for the workweek. The following 5 days flew by really fast… We had diction workshops, visited an ethnography museum, had a beer, got to know the culture, visited a radio, went on a tour around Zagreb, tasted local cuisine, visited a festival of light and a rehabilitation centre for disabled people. This experience was very meaningful for me and I am looking forward to seeing my new Erasmus friends again.

Visiting and cooperating on a foreign stay brought unexpected fruits. Partner schools met in close proximity to Croatia and built a friendly relationship with each other. The first impressions of our trip were absurd under the idea that we would live here for a week. My first impression: "I am glad I am somewhere but I want to go home". After a while I got used to them, but I did not want to see anything else when I left. From this visit I took away that I must improve in English. I'm very glad I could get this opportunity to meet new people, see a piece of the world and experience something new. The program and the time was expensive for me, so I appreciated it. If there is another chance to get somewhere, I will not hesitate and I will go. I would like to thank my school, who was involved in the project, and the teachers who also participated.

Presentation about reportage
by Tomas